Artikulation #9A97B4E1

I searched the world,
To find myself,
Instead I found,
Somebody else,
And in that soul,
Myself did found,
The girl to turn,
My life around.
My heart, with you,
Is now complete,
No other soul,
Could ever compete,
With you the one,
I love the most,
Who's life and love,
I'll always toast,
With fine champagne,
And finest fruit,
Can't wait to wear,
My wedding suit,
And take you by,
Your loving hand,
Forever, always,
I'm your man.

Artikulation .9224

The sands of time,
To air take flight,
Under cover,
Of the night,
And all that was,
That's ever been,
Is lost to earth,
And history.
Fade away,
For now is not,
Their place to stay,
No memory,
Can hold the tide,
The past must now,
Lay down and die.
But 'tis not death,
That past must face,
In absence of,
Life's sweet embrace,
But step on back,
The past must do,
To let the future,
Shine on through.
Yet what it holds,
We do not know,
But to the future,
We must go,
For all that's been,
Is dead and gone,
And all that was,
Cannot live on.

artikulation .ca33e

Right Click,
Strange things,
These days,
We seem,
To learn.

artikulation .af7b4

Keep them words, 
They don't mean shit, 
I don't believe, 
One fucking bit, 
I judge you just, 
On what you do,
Cause how you act,
Is truly you.
I wish you'd judge me, 
Just the same,
Instead of taking,
What I say,
To mean what you,
Think I believe,
By doing so,
Me you don't see:
I may as well not even be.

artikulation .b40a

Something to talk about..
Nothing to say..
Silent-lipped thoughts..
With no places to stay..

artikulation .881

Chocolate lettuce captive spring,
Ordinary plastic sing,
Nothing early obtuse take,
Mat dish cardboard empty brake,
Ashes pencil sometimes flag,
Corner makeup glasses lag,
Number brushing gentle point,
Timing colour season joint,
Worldly circle monkey leaf,
Psycho object beauty teeth,
Lessons tantrum straining lent,
Handbag plexus garden meant,
Ether chair two sandwich bat,
Abdication gander slat,
Seamstress ginger hydrant say,
Scraping trouble vapour tray.

artikulation .a61e

Monkey wrench screwdriver car,
Windows glass of whisky jar,
Lid tight shut the door knob turn,
Left over easy to learn,
By example e g g,
Yolk and whites of eyes to see,
3 P O robotic arm,
Band of gold ring the alarm,
Clock set the hit record straight,
As a dying wish to make,
Whoopee cushion the blow fish,
Fingers burn the butter dish,
Washer woman of the night,
Sky blue suede shoe string up tight,
Arse hole in the wall of sound,
Proof in pudding sixpence found.

artikulation .054f

Rain come,
Cleanse the street,
Wash away,
Opressive heat,
Cool me down,
Water my heart,
The wisdom of,
The world impart,
Fill my cup,
To overflow,
So I can drink,
And I can know,
That cycles rule,
This thing called life,
The ups and downs,
The lows and highs,
The revolutions,
Every day,
As bluest skies,
Turn into gray,
And in the hours,
When heart-felt pain,
Is washed away,
By morning rain.

artikulation .6a3d

Sit around,
Waste some time,
Have a smoke,
Write a line,
Watch the folk,
Passing by,
Watch the birds,
In the sky,
What's going on?
Nothing new,
Just some people,
Passing through,
Some in jeans,
Some in suits,
Some are ugly,
Others beauts,
Some with bags,
Some with books,
Most ignore me,
Others look.

Man selling scratchers,
For the back,
Girl selling trainers,
For the track,
A cobbler fixing,
Some guy's shoes,
Man reading papers,
Full of news,
Some others waiting,
At a stop,
Where a bus,
Will take them off,
To a place,
Where they will spend,
All of today,
Until it ends,
And now my waiting,
Time is done,
And off to work now,
I must run,
For there is no,
Time here to waste,
On this planet,
Which we grace.

artikulation .01a

Such a man,
Who has no words,
A man in whom,
No tune does stir,
Such a man,
Is good as dead,
Who lives inside,
An empty head,
For life is made,
To be spat out,
The joy and pain,
Are cause to shout,
And never should,
The cries of man,
Be buried deep,
Beneath the sand,
So hear this scream,
Of living breath,
Of live that lives,
And knows no death,
Of life that weeps,
And life that sings,
That soars and dives,
On outstretched wings,
And even when,
Life's had enough,
When times are hard,
And life gets rough,
There's still so much,
To shout about,
So open up,
And spit it out.